850 Fiat 850 Coupé Sport


1968 Fiat 850 Coupe, imported to Sweden in 2022 from her earlier life in Finland.
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I'd look for the Hall effect one, not one needing points and condensator off course.
Re break down, having the old points parts as spares for road side fixes if needed.

Thanks, the contact point surfaces look light grey/white, so that would indicate the condensor is good. I'll have to double check my coil wiring etc and test drive without the hood to see if it is engine bay temepratures that's having her to act up. I'm planning to do an air inlet prototype if there's a big difference.
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Yesterday i changed back to the previous coil and did a test drive without the hood trying to eliminate heat problems. She runs great and handles good under load, so guessing it was partly the high capacity coil that was acting up.

After 20 minutes she started to stutter again under load, checked the fuel filter and it wasn't much fuel in there so i thought vapor lock symptoms, and discovered that the valve cover ventilation was blowing straight at the fuel hose coming from the tank. Hence fuel vaporized, so i let her cool down a bit and then she ran fine again. So today I'm going to try to relocate/shield and cross my fingers.
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Yes!! That sorted it out! She purrrs like a kitten. 🥳
Now onto a more permanent solution (after spending all free time on small narrow roads ).

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I read about the steering column being more or less of a spear on the early coupés and that it even was recalled in the U.S., so now I'm looking to upgrade to the non-spear version with U-joints, and afaik it's the same on the 850 Spider, so if anyone know where I can find a kit, please let me know.


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I've sourced parts for steering column conversion to non-spear and got a new Abarth Air filter box with the vavle cover ventialtion recirculation thingy, fitted and test drove but being so close to each other the hose bent too much and stopped the flow. Going to fit a u-bent pipe and that should sort it out.