Technical Fiat 55SX Problems :(

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Technical Fiat 55SX Problems :(

faster4_tec said:
it shouldn't overheat any more, did they skim the head? if they didn't you will need another head gasket within a week!!!

If the needle hits the third bar up then you should put heater to full heat and blast, and turn the selector thing to the upright position. the heater in your car is like a radiator, but a bit smaller so it will add to the cooling effect of the coolant system.

oh and don't scrap it, as about 60% of the cars on scrapheaps are junked just because they 'overheated'.

What shall i do? and where abouts should the selector be? lets just say the window one is first and the last one is where the mans picture is air blowing low.

What ya think? :)