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General Fiat 500 votes please

Aug 10, 2003
Essex/Suffolk border
barchettanl said:
Hi all,

A dutch car magazine is doing a Car-Of-The-Year poll. Nothing special, there are more such polls.

BUT ...

The Nissan Qashqai fanclub is determined to win every such poll -- they've already 'won' (cheated) two and I will not let them win a third one. Not in this lifetime!!

So Fiat friends, please please vote here

to get the Fiat 500 on the number one spot!

And, as the Nissan club is cheating, you can cheat too:
post this link on your local fiat forum, vote at work or school, send it to your MSN and AOL buddies, vote every 24 hours (!), vote while visiting your mother-in-law, just do whatever it takes to get this UGLY NISSAN off the first position!

I owe you guys!


1995 Fiat barchetta

Thanks for posting!

Currently the score is:
3714 votes for the Nissan
3620 votes for the Fiat 500
390 votes for the next runner up :D so there has been some cheating going on ...

Let's win this sucker!
(unfortunately I don't know when the poll closes, so you may want to cast your vote daily/every 24 hours).

Come on guys!

With 32599 members on this forum, I thought we would win this race. But only 26 have read this message, so now the score is ...

Qashqai 4000 votes 46.1 %
Fiat 500 3746 votes 43.2 %

ARGHH!! :bang:
254 short!!!

Dave, can you make this sticky or put it somewhere else so people will actually read this?

i voted kia cee'd because i can't vote for a car i haven't even sat in yet.
must admit the cashcow is a good car for nissan.
I'll tell you what happened:​

(y)Just when the Nissan numptys thought they had us beaten, we put on a quick surge in our little 500s and overtook them while they weren't looking...and we're only in third gear yet.:D

Keep clicking folks.
Our cars may be small in stature
We may be a bit short in numbers
Some of us may be a chip short of a buttie

But we need to show the others
that 500s are a force to be reckoned with.