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Oct 29, 2006
HI evrybody
I need fiat 133 user manual or maintenance manual
for seat 133 or fiat 133 by any language. or format .Pdf .doc .......etc.
very thankssssssssssssssssssssssss
Hi there,I have a 133 fiat I think this is the first person in any forum I have found.How many 133s are in uk do you reckon?If i can help find you a 133 maunual I will.I think I have one Im not sure I will trapse through my garage m8.Good to see one in here
There was a rare breed feature about the 133 in Practical Classics a while ago I'll try and dig it out. It listed how many are still registered with DVLA. As for the manual you could search for a Fiat 850 one for technical info?? The 133 was developed by SEAT I think and was always unusual in the UK.

Hi there,any idea of alternative engines to stick in my fiat 133 please>?Motorbike engines etc etc?would like a 1000cc in it or something like that?would a vw beetle engine work?please post here many thanks
My friend had a 133 16 years ago! it was MINT! But the leaf spring broke and she scrapped it! silly I know!
HOWEVER - In egypt, especially in the CAIRO area - there are many many many Fiat 133s. I saw loads when I was there!
How you go about sourcing an engine ther though I don't know . . . . . ypou need to go on holiday there and speak to a taxi driver to get him to sort one out for you!:D
hi there,anyone know where i can get a wheel arch for a fiat 133 or if any other fiats use the same shape for arch??i got to cut and graft to save mine from rust any help would be appreciated,many thanks johnny loco
Hey there, i have a completely restored and modified 133, and live in the south of the uk! from what i have heard there is only mine and two or so other 133's in the country!?
Hi I have a 133 1975 in for full restoration and im looking for panels and parts can you help
all the best
Hi all
This is the 133 we are restoring at the moment at for a customer, if any body has any spares how ever small I would love to hear from you, we have recently found in spain some 30 year old unused panels for it a very rare find, it took hours our looking throught the internet to get them but well worth it, hopefully by next week it will have a all new front end.0161 376 2715