Fault code reading - Idea - socket location + access

the dash panel in our sample 55 reg Eleganza is secured by;

3 philips self-tapper screws along the top edge( clearly visible )
one self-tapper that is tucked down the LH lower edge ( door pillar)

once the screws are removed the panel is still "clipped" into the dash,

it Slides to the left( with car door open)and will come away quite readily.
may 14 144.jpg

[BREAK=Socket - plugging in]

with the panel out of the way,
you'll need to get down on your knees ( outside the car), and look for the socket..,
I'ts well packed in - surrounded by cables and fusebox(es)

may 14 144.jpg

the Black Device + WHITE cable are the MES lead and Multiplex adaptor , actually plugged into the socket.

2nd view ( bit blurry)

may 14 144.jpg

may 14 145.jpg

with it all connected you can use your Code Reader,
or in my case MultiECU Scan
may 14 146.jpg

thanks To dombooth for his assitance with the Multiplex.
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Jun 22, 2019
Very interesting varesecrazy...what do I need to use this connection ( if I ever need too.)..you talk about a code reader or amulti ECU scan ...can you tell me how I get hold of either of them ...I'm in Crete ...many thanks ..edit I'm guessing on my lefthand drive Idea this connection is on the other side ?
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