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Jul 8, 2005
on the A684
Ok this is a combined rant/warning..

Driving down a dual carriageway today and spot a police car a while back, quick check of speed - thats ok - and find a gap to get out its way.. Goes past then slows down.. hmm pulls into the slip road and back behind me.. oh here goes.. on with the blues and pull into a parking space. Whats he pulled me for?

'That your car sir?' - Yep.
'When did you buy it?' - Erm last August

In the car, finally find I've been pulled because his ANPR has flagged me up for having no insurance :eek: What? I got insurance out to cover me just for this week!

No problem the bobby says, we'll just phone the company and check it. He phones from his car, takes forever to get through and we go through the laborious data protection stuff - with the usual North Yorkshire/India accent issues - only to have to be put through to a supervisor, and have to go through all the details again, once again with the language problems. The TC is getting as annoyed with them as I am.

Eventually get around to asking if the tipo is covered and the supervisor says no! Only the Marea! My face must have been a picture as I'm now facing charges of driving without insurance - 6 points and a hefty fine! Plus getting insurance after will be thousands..

The traffic cop is a decent bloke though and doesn't take my car off me or prevent me from my journey, believing that I'm telling the truth. Got a producer for MOT and insurance cert. Police man left and I phoned up elephant myself to see what was going on.. find I am insured and they've cocked up somehow.. I'm livid. Demand another copy of the policy document to be sent out and a letter explaining why they failed to see the insurance on the tipo when asked by the traffic cop.

Sooooo.. Handed them in tonight at the police station so thats the end of it between me and the police.. I believe the start of me and elephant have just begain.
Well Rob cast you mind back a while to the post it put in the insurance section when I was told that my insurance had expired when i thought that it had been renewed :mad: well the main problem is here the bloody cheap skate insurance companies useing call centres abroard simple because they are profitering bunch of cheap skates (n) but glad you managed to sort it and came out OK in the end (y)
When i had problems with admiral - when they were just ebing thick and didnt have a clue about their job and couldnt resolve an issue when my bravo was written off. Their excuse was they had new employees who were giving me the wrong info everytime i phoned up trying to get stuff sorted out.

In the end I got a insurance ombisman involved. I had several phone calls from the manager after this and I also got a small amount of compensation.
anpr :slayer:
elaphant(n) (am with them and hope this doesnt happen!!!!!!!)