FA Cup 5th round draw ?

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FA Cup 5th round draw ?

Yeah I watched the draw and it's the one game myself and a lot of other hammers fans did not want :D Typical eh. Bolton are a very good tactically run team and basically play to the opposing teams weakness regardless if the football is boring.

West Ham are completely the opposite, we play our own style whatever the opponents are doing so if we win this game I'll be shocked TBH.

That Liverpool Man U game should be very interesting :D Especially considering the scousers were turning over Manc cars with families in them after the last game (n)
i think liverpool will do the right thing, and ensure man utd have another cup free season, thereby ensuring the swift removal of windbag ferguson and a stalinesque purge of the players to make sure they are no longer a force for a good while, cherry on the icing...bring in big ron....i can hope....