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Bring the noise!
Apr 10, 2004
Hi ladies and gents,

Been a while, but MOT time looms and I need a new exhaust, been hearing some good things about exhaust uk. I want, nothing to fancy, not fussed about noise, (maybe a little noise when I put my foot down!) not to bothered about shape, something in keeping with the cars angular shape would be nice any suggestions?

oh and for those who don't know I still have my 3 dr (sorry Phil) 1.6

would that be exhaust uk in sheffield by any chance? From my experience, rubbish! The welding on the exhaust is absolutly shocking... and the profile of the angles i dont know how im not loosing power. In heinsight i wish i had kept the £300 in my bank or spent it on beer.

Also the customer service isnt anybetter, I dropped my car off at 9.30am in the morning and went into meadow hall shopping for the day on my return around 4pm the car hadnt even been looked at. When i was told obviously it would be done in plenty of time by then, so they rushed through to do it and i was literally the last customer to leave. They basically had brought all the demo cars in from outside, shut the shop and there was me standing outside. I had no chance to check the work and obviously from above the results i werent very happy.

Its upto you, but i wouldnt bother with them... Have you looked at maybe an off the shelve system, like a raggazon! The quality if finish is much better :)

All that saying, thats just my experience and opinion, im sure they have made good systems too. Maybe i was just the unlucky one! Only reason i used them was because i'd heard good things in the press about them.
dont really have the time to order from abroad. Due its MOT next week.