Cinquecento engine swap...


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Feb 25, 2014
Hi, I'm new on here but I've had a the seicento for a while now...done all the normal mods ie...lowered it, air filter, straight through to a cheery bomb ( sounds rather nice for a 1.1) ;-)
Spayed the bonnet, roof and the spoiler matt black B-)
It's not a Halfords special or anything...just a few things to give it about of style.
The car handles alot better now, don't feel like a boat no more...stiff as a badger ;-)
But the mot and tax is ending, so doing some work...while I have the chance too. I'm looking into what engine fits in, is it a diy job or a pain in the rear end to do. Herd alot about the uno turbo engine fitting, but couldn't really find out much on fitting issues. There was something about not handling aswell around corners, because of the amount of power (apparently) but after having a corsa b z20let 2.0 turbo...well you just miss spinning and winning ;-)
Really want to know what's out there with out breaking the motor bike engine powered me already thought of that, but as I use this car everyday, reliability is a priority :)

Thanks for looking and any advice given much appreciated B-)
Mar 20, 2006
If you want a quick car, 1.4 16v (FIRE engine, Silo, Idea, new 500, etc.) will do the job -- it's pretty much a straight fit. If you want a very fast car, T Jet ( 500 Abarth, etc.). Useful links to the former in the Guides, for the T Jets, well, there's at least one in France, 2 in Poland..........

But beyond 160bhp or so you're probably better off putting the engine in the right place (the back). There's a potential 9 second Cento out there...........
May 19, 2010
Boston, Uk
Gotta be a 16v 1.2 or 1.4,
I did the 1.2 but wish I did the 1.4 now as it's hardly a lot more work!
I was surprised at the 1.2 16v but I wouldn't expect to be beating the turbo'd cars with it but anything up to 100bhp I think you'd have a shot at