Technical Engine pinging again

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Technical Engine pinging again

Live data should show the current vacuum reading of the map sensor.

I have a launch x431 with a 3 pin adapter, I could not connect with the standard fiat menu but the fiat brazil option allowed me to at least get info like rpm, intake vacuum/ map in mmHg, fuel trim, igniton advance,

I imagine there should be a base line vacuum measurement that you should aim for at idle, it isn't in the autodata information anywhere though?

This is the earlier type throttle body, number 10 is the map take off but on later cars it is taken off the same fitting as the brake booster on the manifold the number 10 position is not drilled on later cars.

I accidentally had 8 + 9 swapped on my donor causing the idle to sit between 13-1500 exhaust was sooty too like that.

did you ever try the old injector head and throttle body top?


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