General electric window relay HELP

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General electric window relay HELP


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Nov 5, 2012
In desperate need of a relay for my electric windows on my sedici ..can someone tell me if all Tipos share the same relay..any help much appreciated
as id like to bring my Tipo to Brooklands preferably with windows working...!!
I don't know 100% but I can't see why they would be different from other models like the SX or DGT with all the features.

My Haynes for the 1.4 / 1.6 says there is a secondary fuse / relay panel to the right of the main one so this is where I'd check. Unless yours is missing it should probably match most of the others, it will probably be the same as on later Bravas / Mareas etc. I'd think.
Ive managed to remove it..and has burn marks on it so I'm on the right track I never knew the bravo would have the same part and probably easier to get one from there. Cheers I'll look into it.