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e-bay and FF members

Mar 1, 2004
Birmingham, United Kingdo
What is it about FF members and e-bay? Is it just us who has problems with e-bay or is it everybody.

I sold some 17" alloys today and he's just gone home empty handed after driving 30 miles. A really apologetic and genuine guy but what a plonker. I left him positive as he was young guy and genuinly upset but why didn't he check first whether they would fit his car. :(
try winning a book, paying 5 minutes after winning it. description said will be sent 1st class, week passes get an e-mail saying "sorry didnt realise you had paid will post it sat"

mon and tues goes by no book, finally got it thursday to find it was posted weds, and it was damaged due to being in a jiffy bad and not a cardboard box.

so leave negative feedback for incorrect packaging and 13 days for delivery, and he trys to hold my 100% feedback against me saying if i dont with draw my negative feedback he will leave me fnegative feedback (which he did). absolute W*N*K*.

then we had a little banter in e-mails then just put i earn more in a week than you would in a month, so do one.

still waiting for a reply lol :D

oh on that note how do you reply to negative feedback? you can leave a comment underneath some how.

any way rant over, should have a rant ebay sticky :p
well they will have fitted eventually but he wil have had to have some major archwork beforehand though
thefishdude said:
there can be no excuse for posting late. i will post all my items with 24 hours 48 max if i have a problem.and if i am home and get paid for someting during the day i will go out and post that day. sold a xbox game once at 4pm guy was playing nextmorning at 9 :D he was well chuffed.

I know it's not a competition but I sold a handheld pc on e-bay and the guy had it the same day (100 miles away). I manage a fleet of field service engineers who do the "odd job" for their manager without asking too many questions. I had a set of 17" alloy wheels delivered to me the same day using the same method. Will get caught one day and have to fund the petrol.
The Ebay delivery times annoy me rotten thats why I only use first class mail or 2-3 days courier for bulky items.

Beau, surely your resistors can be posted for the price of a stamp, no need for PO!

uno_94 said:
oh your making me feel bad :( its been 9 days so far, i better post tommorow, il stick a note in saying sorry too.

If I were you, I'd refund the postage costs aswell. last time I posted at item off late, was when i broke my ankle. I sent the guy an email and let him know what happened and he said it was ok.