Tuning Dump valve for the 20v turbo

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Tuning Dump valve for the 20v turbo


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Dec 6, 2005
Any recommendations on which type of valve to use and also if anything else needs to be adjusted if I do fit one? Are there real benefits on fitting one?

Also does anyone know where or how I can hear what it sounds like before fitting, maybe a wav download or something?

I had one on my Delta Evo and it sounded ace, but when I fitted an aftermarket (no box) air filter I didn't like the sound it produced, instead of hearing just a nice clean Phhssst when decelerating I got a phhssst followed by more moving air noises of which I can't explain, sorry. I would like it to be a clean induction noise followed by a clean simple Phhsssstt.

Any advice welcome. Thanks
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What air induction u using?
I have a straight induction pipe which caused my dump valve to change sound. But i have a dv26 and its a very nice atmos dump valve with a clear sound on a normal setup!

Right well mines was completely standard when i got it bar the dv26. Its an atmos DV and is very loud! Lovely sound it makes!!! U checked out www.fiatcoupe.net then onto the forum yet?