General Door trims - interchangable?

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General Door trims - interchangable?


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Feb 3, 2006
A 1.8ie (J reg?) has turned up at my local scrappy ( was in a light front end shunt) and am tempted to upgrade the interior trim on my 94 ie S ( both 5 door)

All the seats look to be able to slot straight in (has funky folding arm rest between front seats!)

But the door trims are not identical - they have shorter plastic pockets and shorter handles and I'm also not sure if the window switches are the same.

Does anyone know if early trims will fit into later doors ? Will all the screws and plugs have the necessary holes or captive nuts in the later doors? Will I need to take the window switches in the shorter handles too? if yes will the electrical connectors still be the same?

Thanks in advance for your help and a big thanks to all who have replied to my earlier posts - having owned my tipo for just 12 weeks you guys have already helped put me back on the road three times with a minimum of fuss and heartache!

A friend of mine has ordered some new 5 door 16V cards to fit to an '89 shell. He seems to think they are the same.
Knowing Fiat they are probably the same, I took a heater Fan from a Fiat Coupe cause my one was as loud as a wailing banshee.

My Mark One Tipo has the Armrest.

Looking at the Fiat Parts Disc they seem to have different part numbers, this may be because of the material not the fittings, if it looks the same as yours then it should go in, the space for the door handles may vary.
Finally got all the upholstery cleaned and got round to putting everything in this weekend. Looking good and so much more comfortable - well worth the twenty quid all in!

In answer to my own question - everything did fit in - eventually - but with a couple of points to note (just in case anyone else ever needs to try putting mk 1 interior into a mk 2).

Front seats - The mounting point on the floor on the inside front of each seat (nearest to gear lever) is, it seems, slightly wider on mk 2. Therefore the part of the bracket on the seat itself at this point needs to be either bent up flat or removed to allow the mounting holes to line up.

Front doorcards - all the necessary holes and mounting points were available on the mk2 door but not all matched straight up. Just needed to salvage and insert two of the yellow plastic captive nuts for the biger doorbins and two of the white plastic fixings into which the white plastic comb like studs slot into.

Thanks to all who replied - gave me the push to bother trying and am now well pleased.:)

Shame the donor car still had a digi dash - now emboldened, I fancy trying to slot in an instrument panel with a tacho - previous threads suggest it will plug in and play ok if its from a mk 2, just need to be from a higher trim code than base S.

If anyone has a spare instrument panel from a petrol mk 2 with a tacho they fancy offloading let me know. Am not too fussed if it has extra dials that wont necessarily work on mine when installed (oil, vacuum guage etc).


talking of tipo/ tempra seats the seats out of the lancia dedra fit as well i had a dedra well 4 off them nightmare to get spares for at the start till i found out the dedra was based on the tempra bodyshell/running gear / seats in fact most of it got rid of all the dedras got 2 tempras then 13 years on got a ulysse so still with fiat ,well the wife is got myself a volvo 850 i wanted something that i didnt have to play with the electrics every day:devil: