Technical Does this ound like a coil problem?

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Technical Does this ound like a coil problem?


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Aug 7, 2005
3 times now my 2001 Punto GO has failed to start, it tries, but it seems as though there is no spark. The breakdown person who came to rescue me yesterday said he thought it could be the coil. He got the car going by putting a screw driver into one of the HT leads and getting me to turn it over, worked first time.

Any thoughts?

If it is the coil, where is the best place to buy a new one, and how easy is it to change?
hi, if its a coil most car spares have them is yours the engine with two coil packs or one?? coz you may to change the both of them to rule them out if it does it again
Did take a look at that thread, thanks.
Pretty sure it's the coil, have ordered 2 and will change them both to be sure.

Are they easy to change? Looks like only a couple of bolts. Still haven't got a Haynes......
no big thing to change but i would suggest doing one at 1st.least that way you will know if one still works.