Technical Doblo Aircon Problem

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Technical Doblo Aircon Problem


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Sep 10, 2006
Is anyone else having intermittent aircon problems?

Our Doblo SX Cargo 1.9JTD has been perfect, except the aircon conkin out twice now.

The first time was in Morocco earlier this year. Gas went into the cabin, and that was the end of the aircon for a day. You could turn it off for an hour, turn it back on and you had cool air for an hour. A day later it was fine, and the dealership couldn't find any problems.

But it did it again in France (on a hotish day) on the way to Switzerland last week. We did notice that just before it conked out there was a huge amount of condensation coming from it. Considering it was parked next to my Mustang which dropped a couple of drops of water, I'm unsure why the Doblo was suffering so much.

Following day it was fine.

Anyone any ideas?
Have you had you air-con re-gassed after it leaked?

A lack of pressure in the system will cause problems ie. malfunctioning.

Take it to your local Kwik Fit, they have the technology to look for leaks in the system using a highly specialised machine, we used to send everyone there with problems from Halfords and people came back and said they were great. They also top up the air-con with gas and if they can't get it any cooler they'll give you your money back! :)

Condensation is normal, our Freelander leaves a huge puddle once it's been used, but the Transit doesn't just a few drops.
Well, Fiat reckoned it was still topped up with gas, and that there are no leaks.

Might take it into Kwik Fit to be checked.
:rolleyes: well if the gas leaked into the cabin there must be a leak somewhere!

Also you only have to loose a small amount of gas to make a BIG difference. When we topped up peoples gas when I worked for Halfords, and few long squirts out of the can usually took it from in the "Warning" area of the gauge to "Good" at the other end!