Technical doblo 1.3 multijet

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Technical doblo 1.3 multijet


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Nov 1, 2007
Can anyone help I have had 4 diagnostic checks been unable to pinpoint the problem I have adoblo 1.3 diesel which has done 190,000 since jan 06 ,when i need quick getaway i get a "chatter" from the engine and a cloud of unburnt diesel thru the exhaust[also when cruising and asking for a little extra ]its quite frustrating because i am very pleased with it overall i thought it must be the turbo but the main dealer says not.
I have heard that it is good for the car to rev it to 4500rpm once a week or so to clear out such sooty deposits. It is probably just a simple build up of carbon. (although the clattering is interesting, could just be a small engine struggling with the demands placed upon it.)
egr/boost sensor/hoses/air flow usual suspects but hope its not egr as pig to change:mad: However at that mileage you really could be looking at anything (valve/turbo etc)
unplug the MAF and take it for a drive round the block. See if it makes any difference. I had almost the same thing but it was doing it at about 2k rpm every time.