Do parcel shelf 6x9's have to be run through an amp?

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Do parcel shelf 6x9's have to be run through an amp?

I have got a 1.2 8v punto mk2b and on my headunit have no rca outputs, so i cant have an amp so could i just get a feed from the rear speakers. I have got sony xs-a1727 speakers in my front doors which i have only had about a month. Do 6x9's really sound that bad?
if you have larger rear speakers, all the sound will be in the back, you want the sound in the front not the back, cos most people sit in the front, facing forward, i presume you do? :p if so you want biggest speakers in the front facing towards you, not in the back facing the rear window.

personally, id get a headunit with pre outs on ebay, can get a good second hand stereo for £30-40. get some good front speakers, £30-40. and an amp, £30-40, will be very loud and sound fantastic. thats what i have, and its so loud! and the quality is outstanding :D
thanks for the advice beau and custard, ill leave my ice as it is now, ill concentrate on saving for some alloys now. I would like to get some 16" alloys and wondered if you two had any suggestions on which alloys look nice?

If your car already has rear speakers, you could just snip them and join that up to the 6x9s, which is what I did. As above, also worth doing the front to match the back, many people have said this about 6x9s in Puntos :) You won't know how it sounds until you try it.
Hi if you want my advice do what I did:

Get yourself a five channel amp (I have a 1000W fusion one) - then stick this in the back and from this you can plug in a bass box, two 6 X 9 speakers and then 2 front speakers. However, you will need a headset with all of these RCA outputs so I recommend you get one of these first. But once it's set up it sounds amazing! - They don't sell em no more though but is an amazing bit of kit for the money! ( they droped down to £135 right after I bought one :( Then all sold out )
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6x9s arent bad, its the application of them thats normally bad. Some people put them in the front doors and have good results.

Most are designed to work well from low power sources (headunits) so they dont have to be amped although will still benefit from it

6x9s are good for adding some bass to the system but they'll drag the soundstage back, ideally MOST people want all the sound coming from the front so 6x9s in a parcel shelf arent ideal.

My advice, get a reasonable headunit with RCA pre-outs, add an amp and get some decent front speakers.

Headunit - best quality brands at affordable prices are alpine/pioneer (forget fusion/sony etc)
Amps - JBL are probably your best bet on a budget
Front Speakers - Genesis/DLS/Boston/Higher end Alpine/Rainbow/Hertz etc
BASS = a sub woofer
MID = 6x9's
TREBBLE = 3"-6" tweeters
Also most of my sounds come from the back of my car,not the front!!!
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