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Jan 10, 2006
Hello eveybody...

I come here to ask for some help..

Last week I had a problem with my car, the distributer died. This time it wasn't the electronic module, but the interior body.
Inside the distributer,in the bottom, we have two small springs, the pins that support both the springs broke, and destroyed the interior of the distributer.

I've manage to get my hand on some distributers, and today the car is again on the road:)

But now there are some questions,

I've found that there are several versions of the Distributer, SE101A, SE101C, SE101G, SE101H,...

Can anyone explain me what are the diferences between them? what engines do they applie,... I've checked EPER, but can't find any think talking about it :cry:

Plus I would like to ask if anyone have a assemble manual this distributer, I've desmantle 3 of them, and now I don't know how to reassemble them again, even the small spring are diferent, and I don't know what is the assemble order for them...

And also after having mount the distributer, having check the engine "point" with a strob pistol, in the road the car don't speed up over 120km/h...
any one have any ideia?

Waiting for news , many thanks :worship:

Jose Matos
May 26, 2007
Waimatuku, Sth Island N.Z
Do you have a Haynes manual. Your questions are answered in there, but the springs and weights are the mechanical advance, as you know the car will still run no matter which way you put them in. It is a long time since I did this stuff but I think on some distributors the weights are the identical and on some they are different. If they are different you will have the advance curve wrong, but when it is at full noise it won't make any difference. Re top speed, if you are down on speed your timing could be out, too far retarded. Try advancing it a little, technically 5 or 10deg BTDC. Good luck.