Disapointment in gaming

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Disapointment in gaming


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Aug 22, 2012
Does anyone have suggestions of games that havent lived up to the pre-release hype?
Ive just picked up a copy of Duke Nukem Forever (€8 off a local Facebook swap site) and I'm very disapointed in it.
When this game was released I read the usual reviews (IGN.com etc) so didnt buy it but when I saw it so cheap I thought 'why not'.
I remember back in the 90s everybody was waiting for this game then it simply disappeared.

I dont get much time to play Xbox these days (although 'helping' the young lad is a great excuse ;) ) so I need to make sure that any games I buy are decent.
I have to admit that Skyrim is one of the greatest games I've played in a longtime, Halflife is still the greatest game ever though imho :worship:
I'm just curious to hear what other people think were the most disaponting games, any genre, platform or era.
GTA 4 was a big disappointment for me, it was just no where near as fun as the older GTAs. It was far too serious, saints row was much better.

Probs wont go out of my way to get GTA 5
I would add that any of the earlier Kinect games were a bit crap but they seem to have gotten used to the tech by now.
Fruit Ninja Kinect is a great buzz and a great excuse to get my 4 yr old off the couch (it's a great laugh to see him jumping around like a lunatic :D )
Gran Turismo 5.(n)

Seconded...its just unfinished, it has good points but for something that was 5 years in the making its a joke.

Any call of duty after 4...its like FIFA every year they release the same game with one new feature but they don't even have the excuse that they need to update players and teams.