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The Ratter
Oct 4, 2010
St Austell, Cornwall
Hey Guys

I know i've not been around for awhile mainly due to the lack of a fiat but I have a new project, i've started a gaming channel on youtube.

the vids are good but the viewing figures are not so.

the mrs has advised me to push harder which i am starting to do so i am here to spread the word of the channel. is the main channel,

it features a full play of minecraft 1.7.4 which i know Blu enjoyed :slayer: also a new series called "Moon Quest" based on a modded 1.6.4 minecraft pack. not to mention alot of random stuff, I also do a Steam A-Z where i am playing my entire steam library for 30mins and give you my opinion of the game there after. its interesting.

i also every 2 months or so give building advice on those looking into buying a gaming pc and do my best to build on tight budgets like a real world human, not just try to make the most powerful PC for silly money, which also sometimes come out as rants towards PC World :bang::bang::bang:

anyway guys hope you guys have the time to give my content a look and if you enjoy the content why not subscribe, and remember like and share the videos you enjoy it only takes 20 seconds


Sean (y)

Focus Owner

is rather bored
Jun 30, 2007
In a house
not for me, can't stand videos over 5 mins

did like steam engine & dalek tho

and your parts list price has gone up :)
liked the steam stream pc idea

for me to watch a game video, erm it takes quite alot last one was cs:go pre release teasers

longest video i'v ever watched in part was idiosyncrasy
game video half life great for flattening phone batteries, thought the record was 47 mins

wow go to watch later and see how many videos you seen 1,144,555 views