Dead battery= Powercap must always be on?

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Dead battery= Powercap must always be on?


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Apr 5, 2007
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My current sound systems came with a powercap, did all the wiring etc. Wires are all fine, only the powercap digital reading just had flashing lights instead of showing any volts etc. which it is meant to do.

The car has been fine like this but since the cold weather has kicked in the car is struggling during start up, at first i thought it was due to the engine but now i believe it to be the battery being drained somehow, Tried to start car today and wold not start i checked my volt meter on the pillar pods and it was reading just under 10

Can someone suggest what i should do about the powercap, ideally i want to keep it as it goes with the set up etc. Also cosmetically looks good, im just confused on how its meant to work? Constantly draining battery? I thought they stopped using power when they were full. Any suggestions, i dont think the cap is charged but i dont know how to do it.

Thanks in advance
the power cap is just a bit of bling. i know it kinda looks good but it doesnt serve any real purpose. some will tell you different:confused: i know you didnt ask this but if you wanted best from system go for better earthing etc
go to link on ice for more for the battery obviously its being drained ,without knowledge of setup cant realy say what to do :confused:
the set up is, 2x westcoast custom subs, audiobahn amp, the powercap and alpine speakers, but they are all powered by the head unit.

I Am using pretty thick wires, 4guage ones.
I have + wire from battery to power cap, + wire from power to earth
Amp - to power cap and from powercap - to car.

I know a few people say dont bother with powercaps but surly they shouldnt drain the car in about 24hours ?
im gonna check out the altenator to see if it needs tightening or something when the car has got power, it has started since the cold weather is the altanator a big job?
any weakness in the charging system will show in cold weather.
eg a small drain might not affect the car in warm weather.
get a multimeter
test accross the battery terminals with everything off,any drain will soon show
if theres no apparent drain then check the volts with the engine running
then with the stereo,lights and fan should see a rise in volts with all the lectrics on