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Technical Dashboard Earthing Point


Sep 9, 2014
I have an intermittent problem with the speedo, milometer and temp not working and the only common connection seems to be the right dashboard earthing point listed as E7 on the circuit diagram. can anyone pinpoint the exact location for me - it's my last hope before replacing the whole dash unit!
Just to let everyone know - I bought a replacement unit on EBAY from Munich in Germany and installed it today and it works perfectly - no flashing mileage or anything. Since the speedo hasn't worked for years the mileage was way out anyway, and I reckon it should have been around 60000+, so having a new dash with 73000 is no big deal on a car that's 15 years old! What would we do without Ebay? Probably pay inflated dealer prices?
Thanks for the update! Sorry I didn't spot your post first time around.

Saying that this picture isn't all that helpful. It shows the left and right dashboard earth points on a Mk1 1910TD Bravo. I haven't seen them with my own eyes but Id guess they are in the cabin rather than the engine bay, this manual page isn't that great though.

View attachment wiring-1910TD-01.jpg

I know the rear ones are in the boot kind of just under the lights behind the plastic trim. All the wires are obviously black connected to a large terminal with a 10mm bolt going through it into the chassis.

I think a guy here m20b25 would know he has stripped a few Bravos down.

The internet and eBay are fantastic for finding car parts. Ive come back from scrap yards empty handed on every occasion recently because the cars are normaly smashed up by forklifts/heavy handling to have anything I want worth buying. I do often struggle with the internet when looking for faffy little second hand parts because I will message a breaker advertising a bravo as "now breaking" with a picture/description of what I want and they normally comeback with "sorry the car has already gone to the crusher" It seems they take of what they think would sell and crush the rest right away.
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Thanks for the info about the earthing points. I did find the manuals on line that you've taken the pic from and to me it looks as if they are in the footwells on the sided panels infront of the doors. I did have a quick look on the drivers side and there is a bunch of cables going down behind the plastic runner and behind the soundproofing so I guess it's down there somewhere! However, now I've fitted the replacement dash the matter is irrelevant as the dash now works perfectly so it was a cluster fault all along! That's Fiat electrics for you - how to spoil good cars by poor quality control!