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Technical Dash Speaker Help


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Oct 25, 2007
Hi all,

I am wanting to replace the in dash speakers in my fiat punto 1998 60 s, this is probably an ultimate noob question but how do i get to them ? I cant see any way to remove the panels i can see a small hole on them but cant for the life of me work out what i am meant to put in it, it looks kinda round.

The other one is can i confirm that i need 10cm for the back and 8.7 for the dash. The car didnt come with in door speakers.

Thanks in advance,
I cant remember the exact sizes for them but you can take one out easily and bring it with you when your pickin speakers, you can also get speaker pods from a GT so then you can but proper speaers in the doors.,
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yep., there not the whole door coard but just the pos from the bottom, they allow toy to fit proper speaker in the doors.,
cant find any pics of them on the net but they show up o ebay a lot.,
I thought the dash speakers were 8cms...also the space for the magnet is miniscule, i've been told its a special order for them. Best thing to do really on a mk 1 is a decent head unit and 6x9s and set the sound up to around 60% to the rear, something about the shape of the boot and rear gives good bass and sound and the 8s are usually to weedy to pick up on bass so act like tweeters