CSC Exhaust systems - Advice please!

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CSC Exhaust systems - Advice please!

Oct 18, 2004
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Basically i am going to get an exhuast system for my car and have been looking at some CSC exhausts? I am going to go for a full through system, the thing i am worried about is that these are only made from a 'high quality mild steel' Basically i dont want to be have to replace it a few years down the line... has anyone else brought these exhaust systems and your opinions? also what sort of sound are they as i dont want anything to intrusive!


Should i just save that little bit more and go for a supersprint exhaust which i was originally going to get, as these seem to be a higher quality stain of steel and carry a lifttime warrenty?

I know anything cat back wont really give much performance gain, but would i see a different between the two??

and my final option is:

to go to somewhere like exhaust uk and get a custom exhaust made, the only reason i was going to go for an off the shelve exhaust is that there is no custom exhaust place near me and it will be quicker for me too fit it than, paying for the petrol and a day out driving down to somewere to get it fitted? although it would work out around the same price as the CSC exhaust and cheaper then the supersprint??

Your experiences or either make and opinions please.. TA!
I agree you might as well go for the best option you can, at the moment i type i am having a stainless steel system fitted to my seicento and that has a lifetime guarantee too, I was just going to replace my system for mot but figured for twice the price i can have a decent one that I won't have to replace again at cost.

go supersprint