Technical Couple of niggles

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Technical Couple of niggles

Dec 19, 2005
Pontypool, South Wales
Right couple of niggles that i've picked up on my 899 sei. Tbh I don't know whether some are problems but part of the cars 'character'

First of all I've picked up a couple of people mentioning tappets on here. My car when you start and it isn't warm its sounds like a bloody mk3 fiesta and its awful to be frank...thing is it does take until the engine is fully warmed through to die down so was wondering if it is a sign of anything.

The final thing is my gearbox...i know they aren't very strong but mine seems to be very reluctant to go into second gear smoothly and from past experience with a mk2 golf gti i know that sumtimes this can be the linkage of somthing so was wondering if it was the same on the sei or whether its just a crap gearbox.

Finally and this on really is baffling me, I had an MDF parcel shelf built for the car and had 6x9's put in it, which is great for sound accept that the weight of the shelf is putting huge strain on the plastic mountings holding and has bent them, which now causes and unpleasent squicking sound similar to being in an old tired transit with the back end ply lined...not good... does anyone know a remidy for this i was thinking of buying new ones and fixing wooden blocks underneath somehow to remindy it but seems a bit crude to me, any ideas?

Sorry for the list but any help with any of them would be great
1. The tappets is normal.

2. Could be gear selector. It is an easy fix, id wait for the techs to come along.

3. Cant help you
The Ugly Duckling said:
I thin the gearboxes are just pretty rubbish. My gearbox doesn't always like going into 2nd gear, and has done for a very long time, mainly at high speeds (30+mph). I can pretty much eliminate the problems though by double de-clutching.

Yeh double clutching does seem to help a lot (although I haven't quite mastered the technique yet). I almost always have to double clutch to get in reverse as well.

Its funny really as in the handbook it says something like "double clutching and revving the car at stand still is something that you shouldn't do as it has no benefit what-so-ever to the cars peformance and puts a big whole in the atmosphere everytime you do it, blah blah blah," yeh I have to do both (car idles enevenly sometimes but a quick blicp of the throttle fixes it).