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Styling Coupe Wheels


zombie nation
Jul 8, 2005
on the A684
Anyone here seen any coupes in Northern scrap yards with the wheels intact? I'm after a set of 16" to fit my Tipo - would they be available on all coupes or just 16v/20v? Original style would be best.
I think thay only did the 4 spokes on the 20v turbo and maybe the 20v non turbo but am not 100% on that :eek: The 4 spoke's would look awesome on your car (y)
Well it needs something cause the nasty big Marea has stolen its 5 spokes! Tipo is sat on steel 14"s at the back and space savers at the front :(
Well i got some standard sedi wheels in my rafters you are more than welcome to as i have said before mate, not in bad nick but could do with a coat of paint
I'll keep that kind offer in mind, but would want 16's if I can find some.
Hellcat said:
I'll keep that kind offer in mind, but would want 16's if I can find some.

No worries mate, i would love a set of 16's too but its just finding them.
Yeah they look good, but can you confirm that all coupe wheels are the same size? Whats the offset like on them?
I appreciate the help (y) Hope they don't feel its sacrelige (sp?) fitting coupe wheels to a tipo :D
Nah, they would probably be sitting in someone's garage unloved after fitment of Azev's or similar. You are doing the alloys a favour (y)
I could always buy a new set from fiat - for the same price I paid for my Tipo :D

220 quid each :eek:

Didn't realise they actually sell steel wheels for a coupe!
Can anyone suggest where to get alloy wheel bolts from? I got my last set from Halfords. Don't fancy paying 30 quid again for bolts. *doh*
Just bought a set of original broad 4 spokes 16' coupe alloys to fit to my Stilo. They are marked 6 1/2 J x 16 H2 - 40 (6.5 inches wide & 40 mm offset) stuck now as standard stilo bolts are too short and tyres are wrong profile :bang:
Pinin, yes think I am gonna have to get coupe bolts & lockers as stilo ones dont even make the thread in the hub! Tried to test fit them to the front to check wheels & tyres for fouling on suspension. Wheels have 205/50x16's on but think I will instead need 205/55x16 on to get the speedo spot on. Finance Director (missus WNWL) now grumbling about cost and why didnt I buy a complete new alloy wheel package instead :rolleyes: