Technical Coupe brembos on a Punto gt

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Technical Coupe brembos on a Punto gt


Sep 12, 2017
Hello guys, been doing some work on my GT, and I found a set of brembos from a coupe 20vt to put on. But I need the adapter. Has anyone have a model of the thing? I cant find nothing online with the dimensions of the bracket.
Any help would be much apreciated.
I feel like an archeologist trying to find all the things people used to do to the GT's back in the day :LOL:
Maybe GTAntoni could help with this, he’s got them on his gt , don’t think the brembos will fit under the standard wheels either.
I know they wont fit the 14" original wheels. I have some 16" speedlines hoping they Will fit under them too
I wouldnt bother they are bulky and big and limit your wheel options, not to mention the performance isnt all that good and pedal feel is poor, i would opt for the 280mm brakes from a 16vt coupe with quality pads and discs
Well that would been very good information to know before buying the brembos :cry::cry::cry::cry:
I guess I Will try them now that I have them.
Not gona lie, I also wanted them just to have them say brembo behind the wheel.
As for the performance, are they worst than the Originals?
And freemangt3 the coupe 16vt calipers fit on the punto without adapters?
Dont take this as gospel, but yes i believe so, i run fiat coupe 284mm discs on my car but with willwood dynalites


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