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General Connect System on Stilo/SatNav Map


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Mar 22, 2002
United Kingdom.
If anyone's interested, found a site re Targasys who operate the Telematics etc, it is at [], it shows what the system can do.

Anyone know whether the CD Map for the SatNav is All of Europe or UK only ?

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Fiat will probably supply a UK CDROM if it's anything like what I got with my Punto. IMHO SatNav is absolutely useless and very annoying if you do try it out. I had to get to an interview in Lichfield at short notice, in rush hour traffic at night so I relied on the SatNav. I arrived 20 minutes late as it sent me to the wrong place! I didn't get the job :-(

The Fiat Stilo is not a Beemer 7 series so why do they add all this expensive crap? A decent 6 speaker stereo is all that is needed.

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Luckily, a pretty good 6-speaker Stereo comes as standard.<img src=icon_smile.gif border=0 align=middle>, in the Netherlands it´s a cd-tuner, the germans have a radio-cassette
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You can upgrade it to 8 speakers (at least in the 5 door version) with a amplified subwoofer, which sounds a bit dodgy, and they are still trying to convince the Dutch buyers it´s from Bose...

Oh, and you´ll probably get just a Uk version, maybe with ireland too, Since we´re getting a Benelux one. The Germans get 2 cd´s (north/south) which is a bit tricky if your travelling in de middle.

Stilo Abarth coming up soon.

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Yes correct, despite milseading info from dealer the map supplied is apparently UK but also main European routes, I just ordered a French CD as well, expensive at £130, but seems no point in having the system if ytou can't use it especially when in a strange country.
I am a fraid I have to disagree about the sat nav, I just traded my punto sporting with sat nav, this was a basic system (no rolling road map etc) but it was fantastic. Put in the right destination and it takes you there. Just be sure you put in the right one, there are some towns in the uk only minutes apart with same name, almost. And there are those that are days apart with identical names. If you have sat nav, try going to Upton. Keep and eye out for towns that are little/greater, "or on the" Also giving you an eta so you know if you need to put your foot down. I did 78,000 miles in that punto in 30 mths at least 1/2 of thos were under sat nav. Best £850 I ever spent.

Now I have a 3dr Abarth, the navigation is next generation compared to the punto, instructions are clearer and more detailed. There are a couple of bugs with it, but they are bearable. Because I do 25 -35 k a year I buy the cds as soon as they are available, it is a small cost compared to what I save in time. Not to mention the safety of not reading a map.

I wouldn't have bought the stilo if it did not have sat nav, it is fiats ability to give us 7 series features at focus money that makes them viable.

Remember that if you drive to somewhere other than work/home sat nav is a most useful tool and not least a safety feature.

While I speak of 7 series features. Parking sensors, great. Rain sensitive wipers, now we never need to adjust speed or long for that inermitent speed that did not exist.