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Nov 3, 2007
Hello again. As you can probably see from the pic in my sig, my punto currently has the dreaded black bumpers. I would really like to get them sprayed red, but only the bits which are colour coded on the sportings, rather than the whole bumpers. Will i be able to just have the bumpers on the car sprayed, or do i have to buy new bumpers? Also, would i have to take my actual car to the body shop so that they can match the colour?

Cheers for any help,

Any decent bodyshop shouldbe able to spray exactly what you tell them to spray.
There might be prep work involved along the lines of a little smooth if the bumpers are textured...and then the usual cleaning and primering malarkey.
You could match the colour by the paint code for the car...but bear in mind that the car has had 6 years to fade, whereas new paint hasn't.
i recently had the plastic grey bumpers on my black car (the difference was so noticeable) but i spent a while phoning up scrapyards and eventually i came up with one that had perfect condition front and rear painted ones

i swapped my old ones with them and paid £60 and that was it! i had painted bumpers :)

so, my advice is hold out and do your research in scrapyards and you may come up with something. dont paint the ones you have! the finish will not be the same.
Look in scrappies first so much easier than trying to get a place or u to spray them, use this as a second option, and also scrappies will be cheaper.
Ah sorry i was looking at a different one. That rear looks really good, but the front doesnt look right. Kinda looks like the bumpers you get on 5dr models? I might be mistaken but it deffo doesnt look like the one on my car now. Cheers for the link though!