Cinquecento Cinq VS Sei

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Cinquecento Cinq VS Sei

Whats ya favourite Cento?

  • Cinqi

    Votes: 27 55.1%
  • Sei

    Votes: 22 44.9%

  • Total voters
Oct 2, 2003
Cheadle, Staffordshire
Decided it was time to take some good piccies of the 2 centos on the driveway so here they are :). Took them in tecos Waltham Abbey car park at the forest ones are in Epping Forest in the High beach area.

The cinqi is mine and the sei is babz's.


So whats ya favourite :p :D
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having owned both i would say the cinq :eek:

i loved my sei but there is just something about the cinq, it raw, dirty and makes me want more :D

the sei was comfortable, refined and i felt like i had to be delicete with it and treat it with care :eek:

nice pics (y)
Luke1985 said:
You fixed the brakes and gearknob yet? :p

nope.. dunno how to :S plus have run out of money so brakes will have to wait till next month!.. quite enjoying my spinny gear knob anyway! its diffrent!

i ordered my lowering kit on the 22nd of december :( .. the people said it would be here mid-jan but it aint come yet! (n)

and my car looks so much nicer! :slayer:
I have to say cinq mainly because I want one but it was tough as the sei is also rather stunning.

There is something about being in a cinq that just makes you grin from ear to ear and I just didnt find the same with the sei
Just wondered why we cant see who voted for who? Like to see if theres any turncoats ;)
I say Cinq purely because its more raw :) Though I probably wouldn't say no to a 75 engined Sei......................:chin: