Technical Cinq Sporting clutch cable problem

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Technical Cinq Sporting clutch cable problem


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Sep 24, 2005
Ive just bought a cinq sporting at a bargain price as a run around while my Punto GT is off the road.

However it has a problem with the clutch. I originally thought the cable had snapped so ive bought a new one. However it looks like it just needs adjusting.

But while messing about trying to adjust it I found the metal arm that the cable goes through at the engine side moves. There is a blank bolt on top that cant be tightened as its circular so im just wondering if this arm is supposed to move around or if I need to remove the gearbox to tighten it from the inside?
Nice one well looks like that isnt the problem.

I dont suppose the adjuster is prone to moving by itself? Problem is both nuts are tight but theres around 2inches of thread left on the adjuster side.

The clutch pedal is at the floor so the car cant be driven at the moment until I sort this problem out.

Thanks for your help so far.
where the cable comes through the wheel arch, there is a little plate it goes through. The outer cable pushes against this when you press the pedal. Sounds like the cable has just not been fitted back in properly.
Just replaced the cable however looks like it may not have been the problem. The old cable is the same length as the new one.

Should the metal arm be spring loaded? As right now when I press the clutch all that happens is the cable stretches and the arm moves around 2mm towards the bulkhead.

Im thinking that this arm should be spring loaded towards the radiator and front end of the car and when the clutch is pressed it should pivot back towards the passenger footwell?

The metal arm doesnt move, it has around 2mm play in both directions plus up and down.

Could it be that the clutch has gone jamming it in its current location?
And another thing, the car seems to be in gear even though the gearstick is in neutral as I cant push the car in either directions.
you won't move the arm by pushing and pulling it by hand. did you check what i suggested?

i've attached a picture of the bit i meant.

Doesn't sound right that it seems to be in gear, does the car turn over - might just be the handbrake stuck on!!


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Havnt been able to start it as the battery was flat as I left the doors open while I was fitting the cable and the interior light was on.

I will jump start it tomorrow and see.

The night the problems started we where driving along and then the clutch pedal stayed at the floor when my mate changes from 1st to 2nd. From that moment on he had to basically force it into gear as the clutch wasnt working. When starting, the car had to be in 1st to get it moving. Not very nice at junctions.

We travelled about 15 miles home and it hasnt been drove since.

This metal arm seems to be as far towards the bulkhead as it will go without hitting things, so im guessing its jammed in that position as I thought it would sit further forward with the clutch out.

It looks like it could be a bit of a bitch getting the box off as theres little room in the bay. Maybe easier just fitting a 60 engine from a punto?
Thanks for the help so far chaps. Looks like the clutch is in however the pedal is up as the metal arm is stuck.

Ive done a search and found that the bushes that control the movement of this arm can sieze but its a box off job so I am going to order a new clutch tomorrow and then try and figure out how I get the gearbox out, may be easier taking the engine out to do it?

Dam parts are cheap for this car compared to my GT! £36 for a complete 3 piece clutch kit!!
Ok chaps ive been doing a bit of reserve on the forum and come to the following conclusion. I think the bushes in the arm are siezed causing the clutch to be in rather than out all the time. I have tried removing the cable and trying to physically move the arm in both directions with a crow bar and its only slightly moving, say 3mm each direction.

I need a number 2 and number 5 from the pic below taken from the ePer CD, however while these parts are on order at Fiat and I am taking the box off does anyone know if these are rubber or metal or what? Can they be cleaned and refitted or is it best to replace with new parts?


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i'm not sure, ive never had to deal with them before. I suspect they're not expensive parts, and so it's better to replace them. I'd also advise replacing the release bearing too, if not in fact the whole clutch whilst the box is out. Unless it's a relativly new clutch.
Thanks again people, really good advise. I have ordered a clutch kit from ebay, £36 all in, should be here for monday. Going to get the box off tomorrow and see if I am able to get these bushes off without heat as I suspect they are stuck solid so I may have to take it to a mates to heat them up first.

Hopefully I will get this car sorted. But all in all I paid £150 for the car, £36 for the clutch, and £6 for these 2 bushes so if I do it will still be a bargain for a cinq sporting.