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it's the code it needs, never heard of the ecu needing reprogramming, i swapped from a cd player to an mp3 cd player, then to a connect nav, then added a cd changer - ecu did not need to be touched
From the dealer seller on ebay

'There is no way other than trying to changed the ECU which cost roughly £500.00

It will just come up with a error code when you install the cd player in your

Its just the standalone stereo with CD not tape, has a code....looks like it can't be done?
Rang 3 dealers 2 said it can be done easy, other said the same ECU thing!! No way of knowing for sure then unless someone on here has done a cassette for CD swap. I thought I could buy a non Fiat head unit and do it or can I not do this either?
wat i dnt understand is you can fit connect nav + as i have with no problems but you cant fit a cd player
if you can purchase a new cd player from a fiat dealer for around £200 fitted then this will obviously not include an ecu change as they are about £500 on their own:bang:
Well, our other 1.2 stilo active only came with a tape player as standard and swapped it for aftermarket CD player and changer with no problems! You dont even have to purchase the code from a dealer there is a website you can go on a pay a small fee if you put the serial number off the unit into the device it will give you a new code to get it working... I sure it was rroope how found this out, sorry i cant tell you the website! I'd think that aload of sh*t what the dealer is saying? I mean if its going for a reasonably price you could buy it and try it and if it dosent work, re-sell it on ebay - as these sell quite well! Nothing ventured nothing gained ;)