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Carnauba Wax

If he delivers on time, and the weather holds, the car is due a going over theis weekend.

Have to let us know result and how easy it is to use, at this time of year a few hours cleaning the car is murder:(

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You could try some P21s wax, has a good reputation as a Carnauba wax. Goes on like butter, easy to remove and doesn't stain black unpainted plastics. Costs about £18 a pot.

I have a £1 cheapo tube of wax from the pound shop and it is truely awful, fit mostly for the bin.

Would be interested to know how you get on with it, I find it odd that they have not posted a picture of the product they are selling.

PS most car waxes contain some Carnauba which is a naturally occuring wax from a Brazilian Palm, said to be the hardest wax in the world. What makes one products more expesive than the other is the increasing amounts of Carnauba and the type of wax (grades). Obviously there will be the usual marketing hype and inflation of prices that way.
thepottleflump said:
I have a £1 cheapo tube of wax from the pound shop and it is truely awful, fit mostly for the bin.
well this is how my car looks after that-


pic dont really do the wax justice because it looks alot better in real life, damn phone cameras
Oh don't get me wrong a £1 tub is better than nothing. The fstwax I bought for a £1 isn't much cop, I've used it to add a bit of protection to door shuts and save the good stuff for the main body work. It is just that you can do much better. I don't advocate spending mega bucks, £15 - £20 a tub is enough to get a good product which will be significantly better than the £1 stuff. A £18 tub of something like P21s will last a long long time.
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i invested in a big tub of autoglym car wash soapy stuff, and mum who buys £1 bottles of stuff been using the good stuff on both her cars now its all gone and she said she'll get me about bottle (of the £1 stuff :cry: ) to make up for it :( not impressed (n)

Cant wait to see the results of this wax though :chin: :D
Ah might as well use washing up liquid make sure you polish and wax it after.

Washing up liquid is a little too harsh for car paintwork and contains lots of salt used to bulk it up which as we all know is not good on cars or paintwork. Not really recommended.
Me dad bought some Tesco Wash Wax stuff from the garage...i must admit i'm impressed! leaves the cars shiney and cleaner for longer! :D Have noticed this on my alloys. We used to use the Turtle Wax stuff....
You can get Harly wax from Knightsbrooke Autodesign for £18 free delivery. I got some the other week, and its wicked! have a look at
Just to say I have eventually tried the wax and I must say am quite impressed easy on and easy off no residue on the back trim and no swirl marks must say IMO as good as any of the more expensive types.