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Car bak to moz


Nov 11, 2005
In my house
Well ive been out doing some shopping her in doors had to go back in hospital but back out to day anyway i had a look in at Auto body perfections where my stlo is being kitted and Yahoo its coming home tomorrow and daddy aint half missed her the job its self ie the paint spraying is out standing i didnt think they had sprayed the front its that good a match they glueing kit in place so i left them to it roll on to moz :slayer: AUTO BODY PERFECTIONS :worship:
activematt said:
So we gonna ever see any pics of this motor of yours?

HHHHH Matt u on my case again :D of course you ppl will. you getting all excited now its the suspence its getting to you (y)

I got plenty of other pic but they aint my car LMAO
activematt said:
Well i like to see what competition ive got!;)

Theres no competition we each have our own ideas i like u dislike u got your car lower where i got 6 grandchildren a wife that when she goes shopping thinks theres a world shortage and a run in to my drive that was layed by half the gypsie work force in cardiff so to drive in is major hassle when its not lower now what i mean we are all individuals THANK GOD (y)
Well iv been doing a bit of work on the stilo today just a
touch up here and there :eek: and painted front calipers was thinking of doing the engine and battery covers but its gone a little cold so that can wait until to moz my stilo has come back with the dead locking activated i can only open drivers door with remote [advise welcome on this one:bang: ] stilo goes in garage next friday for engine management light and service light removal so hoping to get tints done before Fri and gota get back to Lester for more bits so the saga continues WATCH THIS SPACE]:) PNL reporting from sunny S.Wales :D