Seicento Candice, My Sei



most recent thing ive done is remove the horrid orange bits off the side (the rub strips) she looks loads better without them. i just need new pink ones made up, any idea where i can get these?

ive also de-wipered the boot.

abarth side skirts and spoiler to come.

also smoked indicators and side repeaters.

also trying to source a thingie from fiat to convert to remote locking, apparently the kits you get off fleabay are pointless, all i need is a resistor or something, then i can delock the doors. also wanna colour code the handles

and yes i know.. shes on stilts! need to aquire funds for new shocks and springs to make her lower

also need new wheels!
they are color coded, when you peel the stickers off, its the same colour underneath :p

but some bright spark (who owned her before me) decided to take some of the drivers door sticker off and pulled off a load of laquer so its looks ****e!

i want my car with pink bits :( the orange bumper bits are gonna be pink too!

not your car Dave so ner ner! :p
Well its all quite standard atm so not alot i can say about it other than it looks quite tidy..

Pink bits should look fine so long as you don't go to far, pink highlighting is what oyu wanna go for. And for the love of god don't get a playgirl window sticker or fluffy pink steering wheel cover or dice!!

Btw you can paint those orange strips on front and back while on the car but to do it properly you really need to take them off, which does involve taking bumpers off but its no biggy.

As an idea, why not twist the current trend of black wheels with polished rim and get some colour coded wheels with a pink rim..
yeah i just want little pink bits, originally i wanted a respray in black, and then pink metallic glitter stuff on the bonnet over the black then i thought nah.

the sad thing is, ive spent loads on her, and she is modded. most is lighting and inside tho, so you cant tell.. untill it gets dark. might get the camera out tonight when it gets dark and show you what i mean lol

i was considering getting the bumpers smoothed into the wings.. but i was told it was a bad idea for some reason.. something about making it weak.

ive turned my hand at body repairs now, and im sorting out all the dodgy bits of paint. which is turning out to be a right pain in the bum

them wheels sound alright blu.. rather good idea there..
You don't wanna smooth bumpers into wing as you won't be able to get bumper off ever if you need to.. Like if you need a new radiator, pretty sure bumper has to come off, and loads of stuff will be easier with it off.. Plus it'll look really crap if it cracks which it would if anyone bumped your car in carpark or whatever, would be expensive to fix..

Another thought, you should be able to pick up some pink fiat badges, or at least one for the bonnet, i seen them on ebay once in a while

Take existing badge off. mask off the silver bits (or not if you can't be bothered) prime, paint and laquer as like normal and hey presto.

45mm Lowering springs I found for you beforehand, Maybe some Black/gunmetal grey alloys with Hot pink Pinstriping (like blu says above).
Single stainless steel upswept DTM backbox with stainless pipe connecting to CAT, (no decat else you'll get mice :p)
Colourcoded Door handles, delocked doors, Hot pink Side strips & front and rear bumper.
Abarth Sideskirts & Abarth Spoiler, abarth headrests...
Retinted front windows. Smoked side repeaters and front lights...

think thats pretty much covered it...

Your looking in the wrong places...

Exhaustsuk is only up the road from yours, you'll just have to save up a bit and get them to make you what you want like they did me.

And by all means you can have some special polish...yes, that was meant in the way you thought it was ;)

Thats if I do come up tho eh...
which you will, because if you dont ill cry. cry so hard snot will come out. and surely you dont want to be responsible for that.

i may email exhausts uk.. but i wouldnt know what to say..

"i want shiney thing that makes noise! gimme!"
LOL, we had this convo last night.

Just say that your interested in a custom exhaust for your Seicento Sporting 1.1 .
Ideally you'd like a 3" single Upswept DTM backbox with the connecting pipework made up from the back box to the CAT. How much would you charge for this?

I'm too good to you...