Technical Cam Belt Change?

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Technical Cam Belt Change?


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May 3, 2003
United Kingdom.
Hi, I haven't a clue about cars and I'm amazed by the amount of knowledge on here so thought I'd ask for some advice!

I have a MK2 2002 1.2 16v Punto Sporting, which is nearing 90,000 miles. I have never had the cam belt changed and have been advised to do so. But, I have been to a few local garages and they are unable to do this for me!? - why I don't know.

Is it expensive to do? Do I have to go back to Fiat? Do I need it changing?

I have had a read around on here and theres talk of kits etc, but I wouldn't know where to start :(

Any help would be appreciated
Thats the sort of price your looking at. Problem is some garages might not have the cam locking tools. £120-£170 is what you should be paying for it. Trust me this is cheap compared to most cars :rolleyes: £350+ it cost me on my Alfa :eek:.
yep defo need one or could end up with destroyed engine

can't understand why local garages don't want to know there's only one cam pulley despite being a twin cam 16v and in all honesty i's an easy job
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