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General Bying new Tipo - a lot of questions


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Jan 4, 2006
Banja Luka
:wave: Hi everyone!
I'm new at this forum and a have some questions for you! Now I have Fiat Ritmo and decided to sell it and I'm already thinking of bying an another car - possibly Tipo. I need some help, your opponion 'bout that car, what version is the best, is it better 1.6 sohc or 1.6 dohc engine (I have read that 1.6 dohc is stronger and it consumes less petrol, is it true?). What do you think about 1.9td version, and generally what version of Tipo spoils the most rarely, which has the cheapest maintainings and its common flaws! I think that 1.6 is better than 1.4 (too weak) and 1.9td better than 1.7d (too slow), but let everyone say his oppinion, maybe I'm wrong!
P.S. Sorry 'cause of possible grammar mistakes:D
Ok I can give you some advice on a few models. 1.4ie S, 1.9 DGT, 1.9 TD SX and 2.0 Sedicivalvole.

I learnt to drive in my mum's 1.4ie. Was a nice car, not as underpowered as some suggest. Loads of them around still so easy enough to get spares. I would think most will be getting towards high mileage.

1.9 TDSX and DGT. Very quick. Suprisingly fast. Sounds like a tractor though hehe

2.0 Sedicivalvole.. Like nothing else. Drives like you wished every other car would!
1.6 SOHC is a great cheap car to run. Ive had one 4 years and a general drive. Its reliable, easy to repair and service too. Its also got that little bit extra over the 1.4, power, style and interior etc.

1.9TD and 2L models are faster and generally a nicer car but they will cost you more in everyway too. 2L engines can consume a lot of fuel for the power they give. My Uno turbo is far more efficient and quicker too.

Never had a diesel, but I'd have a 1.9TD. very quick and smooth for a diesel (y)