Technical Burning Clutch?

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Technical Burning Clutch?


Mar 25, 2005
Ok we had 9 inches of snow yesterday (first snow i've had with my stilo), it took a bit of work to get her out of my street, i didn't rev her hard or anything, took it very easy. But by the time i got to the bottom of my street there was a very strong burning smell (and it STINKS).

I'm still getting the smell coming through the blowers, although i think it's gradually getting better, either that or im just getting used to it. Took it to the Dealer just to get it checked out, they said run it for a few days it should clear up (without looking at it). Said if they didn't find anything i would have to pay the bill.

The smell is pretty horrible (not like a burning egg smell like most clutches i've had)

Does this sound about right or should i really just book it in
It's not the smell of burning eggs, i have managed to burn my clutch once aswell and the smell was awful. Anytime i burned the clutch in my Fiesta it smelled like sewage which u definetely don't want the smell of. It'll go away in a few days unless u've done some damage to the clutch.
I dont think i've damaged it, it's actually running alot smoother than it used to. It's not doing the first pull of judder thing anymore, maybe just needed a good clean :p I'll just by a magic tree :D
Yes thats the smell exactly! With a bit of burning plastic too.

Now i have had an additional problem today, driving about fine no problems, stopped to answer a call, had car on ignition for about 10 mins, restarted it! BING BING BING Coolant High Warning! Temp Guage right up at H, turned it off, left it for couple of minutes, tries again, everything was normal again. I was right outside a little garage, the guy had a quick look didnt charge me, said everything looked normal (fluids and coolant wise) had a look around to see if there was any blockages on air intakes etc.

Called the dealer, said to check it I'm worried. I've had a year of almost trouble free driving with me stilo, i hope this isn't the downhill starting already. It's not even done 8k.
Had the burning smell too, only when heavily loaded starting up hill :( or whilst in hooligan mode :devil: The warning light / message thing... Stilo's not keen on cold damp weather - especially mine, alarming at first but you tend to get used to it :bang: My id is not just a coincidence...
Yeah stilo is definitley a happy summer motorway wagon :)
Gotta love Big Arnold! I'm sure they all went on the useless bstard customer service course.

Phone Call To Them : 12 oclock "we are still working on it, we'll give you a call back"

No Call Back

Phone Call To Them 4pm: Where my car? "Oh overheating faults take a lot of time to diagnose it won't be ready tonight. Diagnotics showed nothing, nothing has happened in the garage either. But you have said you got the warning lights so we are determined to find something". (That got me worried)...determined to find something...RIGGGGHT, this is allison street fiat, in glasgow. The only thing they are determined to do is screw my car up more each time they get it...Ok "you should have called and told me it wouldnt be ready!" "sorry sir there was no report to call you back about" "So your not going to call me to say, don't pick up your car tonight"..."ermmmm weellll *squirm squirm* ok you better call me tomorrow an let me know if it's not going to be ready. End of call

....HANG ON! I was told if there was no fault found i would be charged...2 days labour, the hell with that!

Phone Call 2: "hi, just how much am i likely to be charged for this if you find nothing? " "we won't charge you for investigating this" "thats not what i was told on 3 occasions yesterday" "there won't be a charge"... (right what are they playing at here...i'm suspicious)

SO OK it's not gonna cost me any money...thats cool. But is it just me? Am i crazy nuts to think i should have been told when i booked it in that it could take more than one day, should i have been called today to say it won't be ready?

I BET that it's just a one off sensor flakey and it'll never happen again. Bet they didn't try it on ignition then trying to start it...i did tell them thats when the fault happened.

It sounds strange to me that i get warning lights, coolant high warning and beeps and nothing registers on the engine managment.
Or maybe ChrisF they are short on cars and one of the staff needs a car for transport back and forwards from work for one day OH yes ive seen that dodge as well (n)
I just went to the dealers and got the car back, they said they couldnt find anything and they had their most experienced techician working on it on and off all day. Fair enough, i don't have a problem with a fault not being found, it happens, there seems to be more sensors and gizmos under the stilo bonnet than actual engine sometimes. I'm more pissed at the lack of customer service, but hey it's Arnold surprise there
PNL said:
Or maybe ChrisF they are short on cars and one of the staff needs a car for transport back and forwards from work for one day OH yes ive seen that dodge as well (n)

Thats why i always take note of the mileage when it comes in. Remember we once dropped off the brava a few years ago to get some work done which they said would take 2 days to sort. The car came back with a completely empty tank of fuel after it was full and 300 miles extra on the clock. Needless to say my dad went ape****. They also managed to break the stereo in there.