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Aug 8, 2004
Hello all!

I had a bit of a disatrous night with my cinqy the other day so I thought I'd tell my story in the hope that it won't happen to anyone else!

I park my car near my bus on my way home i was walking to i was about to go around the corner some teenagers on the other side of the road whistled...i thought it was strange but carried on. Two IC3's came out the hedge towards me, i crossed into the middle of the road to get to the drivers side...but two guys got out of my car :O along with a load of smoke - yuk!

I shouted my head off at them (i didn't even know I could shout untill that moment) and the they all ran off - about 10 of them altogether.

I felt pretty dumb at the time for not chasing them but what is a 19 year old going to do against 10 teenagers with nothing to live for but fight.

I had to put my immobilisor back together to start the car - it had been pulled out and the wires cut.....(i cant believe the alarm worked!!) I then went to open the windows to let some of the smoke out and my passenger side wouldnt budge. After further inspection they yanked the top of my door leaving a 2inch gap - lovely!

It could have been far far worse and although I was very lucky not to be harmed i still feel bad for the cinq !

So guys...anyone got some super gizmo to prevent thieves? Also if this has happened to anyone else how much did it set you back? And is it worth claiming?


Super Gizmo: Shotgun? or there is that South African anti-car jacking flamer thing.

I dunno, but unfortunately the use of reasonable force idea limits my choice somewhat :p.

A decent Cat 1 alarm (with integrated immobiliser) and Fiat code immobilser is about the best you can realistically do Im afraid....apart from the usual obvious measures like hiding stuff

Is there much damage, if its only the door, them Id think its not worth it tbh - cos you can get a door from a scrappy for ~ £50-60
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as i said it's been bent back about 2 inches...who needs aircon aye!? ;p

The inside has been all scratched and chipped with whatever they used to hook the lock up ....and the wiring has all been pulled out and cut :S


Well you'd probably want that sorting reasonably fast so its not a target for other thieves....

The lock should be OK, as it should operate without the central locking...
put your knee on the inside of the door and pull it back into line. my non turbo cinq was broken into the same way and i 'fixed ' it that way.
unfortunatly the only thing you could consider to stop that is after market dead locks so the door wont open but they would have most likely bent the door back before finding that out.
bending of doors cant really be helped (unless you reinforced it lol!) but its a more quieter way of smashing a window aswell,

so, even if you did dead lock it chances are the window will smash 'quieter' when a door is bent

Other than spenda fortune on alarms, could you not pop the starter fuse? ht lead pretty much something like that? or as a last resort, take the steering wheel off! has it an airbag your cinq??
Well the guy at the garage just tryed bending it back just for safety for the mean time - but as it had been wedged at two points so the whole length of the door including the sloped section has a gap it wasn't a case of just pulling one corner. They are replacing the door and getting a specialist to do all the wiring. He estimated we're awaiting the response from Elelphant as to whether they will have it written off. Oh the fun!

that is very steep for replacing a door and reconnecting some wires :eek:

I'd shop around. get a door from a scrap yard, you're talking £30ish and to reconnect a few wires isn't a hard job really.
Well....Elephant have decided to write him off :cry:

They haven't given me a quote yet - which leaves me in a pretty useless position...

Any one got a black passenger door going by any chance?

Just have to get my valuation off glass' now *eek*

They wrote it off cos the doors bent? :eek:

Chances are if you ring around the scrappies they'll be some centos hiding ready to be donors to a needy cause, but I'd say the £500 estimate seems alot. (n)
Foxyemz has a red door for sale, you would just ave to sand it down primer itand respray it :)
AppleSei said:
Foxyemz has a red door for sale, you would just ave to sand it down primer itand respray it :)

IIRC Emz has a driver's door for sale - a passenger door is needed here :)
arseofbox said:
Ive got 2 doors for sale in offer secures :)

Yo mr box

Are they from a 998cc? Are they any different to the sportings door? Where are you from and how much you looking to get for it?


EM :worship:
cinqichicken said:
Yo mr box

Are they from a 998cc? Are they any different to the sportings door? Where are you from and how much you looking to get for it?


EM :worship:

Yeah - they're from his 899 :)

AFAIK the doors are the same - you'd need to transfer your door lock, door card etc. You may need to modify the door to mount the electric window motor, but I can't say for sure :)

Tom's from the Manchester area IIRC :)
Thanks chaos :slayer: - just need to know how much arse is looking for - aswell as postage problems.

Any one know of any scrappys in Surrey?


cinqichicken said:
Thanks chaos :slayer:

No problem :)

Have a look in your Yellow Pages or something for scrappies near you, unless another FFer has any recommendations for you :D