Coupe Bravobeasties replacement...

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Coupe Bravobeasties replacement...

Sep 5, 2005
Introducing Bravobeastie's replacement...

Fiat Coupe 2L 20v Turbo..

Well, finally gave her the first proper "clean" admittedly she's still a little rough around the edges but thats a good thing as it gives me something to keep me busy through the winter (sorting the faded paint etc..)

Skate2create's Broom Yellow Fiat Coupe

Mods wise so far...

Full Powerflow cat back exhaust (suprisingly quiet for normal driving as their exhausts are normally f**king loud)
Baileys Atmospheric Dump valve
Autoguage 2 Bar Boost gauge
Chrome Tachorings
Fiat badge sprayed gloss black :ROFLMAO:

On the cards:
Fiat LE front lips and sidekirts (already bought, awaiting fitting and spraying)
Rear and front bumper diffuser colour coded
Gtec1 Chip
Electronic 2 stage Boost Controller (1 bar for every day, 1.2 for fun ;)
Turbo Timer (if not built into the controller)
Original Wheels sprayed high gloss black
and some other stuff I can't think of at the mo lol...
And now the pics :D





I spent a good 3 hours with my new orbital polisher trying to correct the paint on the bonnet with G3... I think it paid off tbh (y)


And a cheeky sneak pic of the kit (held on with trusty masking tape LOL), excuse the white crap all over the car, its the dust from the cutting compound :)


I know its not going to be to some tastes but again like my old bravo, its different and thats what I like :)


Very very nice!!(y)
I'd like one (in yellow of course!) but i use my hgts 'big' boot too much to make it feasible!damn!!!!:D

I dont think the paint looks that bad, even looks better than my hgt!:eek:

Are you going to spray and fit the bits yourself then?
I love it, I've always wanted a 2.0 20vt Coupe but ~22mpg and high insurance/running costs have prevented me from getting one. :eek:

Definitely a worthy replacement of Bravobeastie. (y)
looks awesome and the kit compliments

the wheels will look ace in HG black will look forward to seeing the progress on this esp as you did such a good job on the bravo!

get that engine dressed up and gets us some piccys
White Wheels! White Wheels! White Wheels! White Wheels! White Wheels! White Wheels! White Wheels! White Wheels! White Wheels! White Wheels! White Wheels! White Wheels!

Thanks guys :)

Well car back from the garage last night after fitting some bits I'd bought...

New Radiator, new Expansion tank, new thermostat fitted..

Car now warms up a lot quicker and stays at the correct temp (85 deg) and seems to run a hell of a lot of better now its not overfuelling (thermostat was stuck open after reading up on FCCUK for the issues I was having) so all good

Looking at the old radiator, over half the core is missing or is crumbling away
so good job I changed it when I did!

Well it's good to know she wont overheat when I'm caning her down the Parkways on Sunday. :D