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General Bravo Wanted - Any Advice Appreciated

Jan 24, 2006

I am looking around fro a Bravo as my second car as I had a diesel 1.4 metro for 9 months as my first car - I would like a 1.6 but any advice about Bravos would be very appreciated as for some reason i have seen them and fallen in love them, and really want one so what should I look out for when buying one and what models are better and the sort of price range etc

Many Thanks;) :yum: :cool:
Good choice. I've had a 1.6 Brava for the last 3 years/45,000 miles and it has been faultless. As long as you buy a good one and maintain it properly they will look after you. £1500 should get you a clean 1999/2000 car with low miles and a full service history. There isn't really anything to look out for as such, just apply common sense and look for accident damage, etc.
Think I'll get this in before someone else does!

Think most people would agree that the 1.4 should be avoided. I can't comment on it as I've never driven one but thats the impression I've got since buying my Bravo.

The 1.2s are quite impressive as well as cheap to run, but I'd say the 1.6 is a sensible choice for economy and performance
Forgot to add, you could probably pick up a 51 reg 1.2 with average miles for less than £2.5k.

Whats you're budget? And most importantly...what colour you looking at? :p
What about getting a diesel Bravo. I have a 1.9JTD Y reg with 16k miles on it. I've only had mine 4 days but it's a great car. You are looking at £2500 to £3500 for a good/great one :)

Well i have a budget of around £1100 - £1300

What will that get me? I will stay away from the 1.4 size then as that is what most people are saying, so many thanks for that

About the colour, i like the look of a metallic dark blue, black or a greyish one. Any opinions of what I should get colour wise?

Does anyone know any places where i can look for one as I am really keen on buying a Bravo

Also where can i find a good looking sun strip for the Bravo?

Please reply,

Many Thanks;) (y)