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Styling Bravo Skirts

Nov 17, 2003
DERBY, United Kingdom.
Any1 Got any side skirts for sale for a Fiat Bravo 1.8 hlx?

Am after some abarth ideally.

Many Thanks.

Fiat Bravo 1.8 16v HLX 1999 T Reg 57K.
17" Team Dynamics Hawks.
Lowered 45mm on Jamex.
Debaged rear.
Alpine headunit.
2 x Alpine subs.
Renagade 1000w amp.
Alpine 800w amp
Boshmann 1000w 6 x 9's.
DVD Player.
1 x 7" screen.
1 x 6" screen.


Powerflow cat back exhaust with upswept letterbox tailpipe.
K&N Induction Kit.
Meshed front bumper.
Power boost valve.


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i dont have any abarth skirts for sale, only just bought them tbh and im awaiting delivery, but i have some hgt skirts sat at home in bright red if you want them for a lil bit of money? i have the securing clips (push plug type things) if you want aswell, but it warrants drilling your car to fit them
Ben, sorry about the wait mate, been a lil hectic...

ive had someone else interested in them aswell, and they made a response first (was on Boo) so its first come first served. if this doesnt work for whatever reason ill drop you an e-mail.

i have a guy locally to me who has a pair of skirts and a spoiler for sale, not sure what ones, but i can find out for you if you like? see what i can do on that one for ya mate and ill let you know