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bravo hgt 155


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Sep 7, 2007
found what appears to be a good condition hgt 155, just wondered what things i should be looking for as i dont want to buy a lemon
(i am usually pretty good with cars, but iv never owned a fiat so havent got a clue where to start!)

also what would be a reasonable price for a w reg hgt with 37,500 on the clock?

any help greatly received

Make sure anything/everything electrical works, Air con works and works well, w reg is a 2000 iirc, so should have had a cam belt done even though it is low mileage - if not then there could be a bit of a bill to have that changed. Check service history, look out for any mods that it might have.

Look out for any warning lights on dash ie abs or airbag, make sure there is 1x red key and minimum 2x blue keys and that the remote for the central locking works as this can be costly to put right.

Make sure to test drive it, listen for any noises from cold from the engine, run it untill fan cuts in and knocking from the suspension etc. if its got a sunroof check it works, and that theres no rust/mould anywhere around it or the seal.

Dunno 'bout prices though.
Make sure the electrics all work, try every switch. Make sure it has a service history, look for that cam belt change, its important.

A 2000 Bravo HGT 155 on a 'W' plate in very good condition, low mileage with all the keys and service history pay between £1800 and £2200.

If the cambelt has not been done I would take off £250 at least. If no red key either walk away or push the price down as much as you can.
I nearly forgot, if you're buying from a garage expect to pay upto £3000.
The other price was for a private sale.
Also make sure that it is actually a 155 hgt and not the 147 if its the 155 your after. The amount of times Ive seen a '155' on Ebay when its clearly a 147.
Ways to know it is, are: the 155 came out on the T plate (1999). the 155 has 4 spoke standard alloys(with a slash through each of them to make them 8 spoke). the 155 has the VIS engine (visible on engine cover). the 147 will have 2.0 20valve badge on the rear, the 155 has the bravo hgt badge. There are others like different interior but think this will help you enough. (y)