Technical Bravo Gearbox replacement

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Technical Bravo Gearbox replacement


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Dec 2, 2005
Isle of Sheppey kent
Evening all

i would have put this in the Bravo section, but thought i might get a better response in here, but if the mods feel it will get a good response from the techies the please move it.

My 1.2 Bravos gearbox is going bye bye again (broken too many so far) and im fed up of paying through the nose for the gearbox and then the labour ontop, even from local scrappies. my thinking this time is to undertake the job myself to save some money and get a better feel for the car at the same time. im fairly competent with the old spanners and also have more mechanically minded friends that can help but want the challenge...

is there anything big to avoid / look for, i know the box is dying, and ive just had the clutch replaced (will there be annything i need to be doing particular with the clutch?)

all help will be appreciated, and if anyone sees a bravo 1.2 or a punto 1.2 8v gearbox for a good price thats in good nick id be interested, im in the south east but will travel in reason

im interested in the punto one if it will fit???

i know for certain the 8 v does as thats what i have on there at the minuite. i would need to make sure it does fit, is the sporting a 8v 1.2??? iirc its 16 but ill have a word on boo and see if anyone knows how much it will cost.

im only on the isle of ****ty, sorry sheppy so its not that far away. how much roughly are you looking for, you can get me on my e-mail if you wnat [email protected]