Technical Bravo 2001 jtd105 ...correct coolant type?

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Technical Bravo 2001 jtd105 ...correct coolant type?


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Sep 13, 2007
you might be able to help me..
which is the correct type of coolant to put into the car above,

with fiats i know you have to be careful...
(think punto ,cinque, seic ,and headgaskets)

i know some antifreeze/coolants have nitrite to prevent liner erosion on diesels

but i am very wary because antifreezes are now nearly like a science
with 100s of types and specs for different cars.

e.g type g11 or 12 for vw tdi engines

genuine merc G48 ? antifreeze for any merc(11euro a litre and half...ouch)
(even autofactors books tell u main dealer on mercs)

and incorrect one can & will result in problems over the long term

so i want to flush the system (which should be done on any fiat every 2 years and i dont know when this was done last)

and put the right stuff in.

cant find the info on google search

so any help much appreciatted

regs dan
ethylene glycol is recommended across the whole range, mixed 50:50 with water.
there are many varieties and brands of ethylene glycol based antifreeze, it doesnt matter which you use as long as its an ethylene glycol based antifreeze.