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General Brava rear washer / wiper motor


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Dec 3, 2006
Well we had been living without the rear washer for so long I forgot it didnt work. But recently the wiper gave up the ghost mid wipe and as my 306 is largely behaving itself I have some brava time :D

I took the motor out today, laughing at Fiat's need to use 3 different types of screw to hold the trim in place ;)

Well immidiately I could see what was happening to any washer fluid going that way - the pipe had become disconnected and was instead trickling water onto the motor. But even though some of the plastic bit was turning a bit blue, it didnt appear to have been causing a problem as the timer circuitry inside was untouched.

So now Im a bit unsure what to look at. I cant seem to turn anything, I havent taken the motor apart but Im going to put a battery across the motor to see if its where the problem is - 12V ok you think? :confused:

Or is it going to be cheaper/easier to just bin this and buy one from a scrappy? :)
the pipe coming off and squirting water on the motor is a very common problem, glue the pipe in place to stop it happening again. the motor often seizes, strip it down and grease it and it should work.
Ta Jug. You are a legend mate - you always seem to know the answers to fiat questions and dont tell me to use the search button :)

Found a list of fuses just in case and its not that cos the same fuse does the front wipers too and they are fine. Is there a relay for this anywhere tho? Coulndnt find one with google ;)

My father in law is used to fixing old motors as he is a toy train enthusiast so I have given him the task of fixing it :D

Also - knock out the rod out of the sleeve (screw a nut on it first to avoid damage to the thread) and give it a good cleaning and lube.
Bought a replacement off ebay and when it arrived the plastic timer bit was in black plastic with the wrong connector on it. So I swapped the black plastic off this for the white plastic on my old one, put it in the car. Nothing.

Stripped both the motors down and was turning the motor coils by hand.

The ebay one seems to work fine, but the old one gets to a point and then clicks loudly. I think its scrap.

So now Im wondering if there is actually any signal getting to the wiper or if or if the white timing circutry has been blown or if the two bits of circuitry arent interchangable... De-wipering is becoming more appealing :(
get a multimeter and see if the earth is ok and the live signal is getting there. test at the contacts where the hatch closes.
oh my god i'm a numpty

"where the hatch closes"

So with the hatch open, nothing will work right? DOH!