General Brava/o's taking over the world!

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General Brava/o's taking over the world!


Nov 6, 2005
Tamworth, West Midlands
Since i got my brava about 4 months ago i started reallising that they are everywhere. i know thats normal and you get this subcontiouse connection. But in the last 2 weeks or so i have notice that they really are everywhere in this town.

I was parked in college the other day and i looked down to the car park on my break and i realised there was at least 8 brava/o's in the car park not including mine. Then taking my grandad to the post office i saw 2 bravas driving along together. In a friends street there a brava identical to mine and in another friends street on the other side of town theres another brava identical to mine and i keep seeing an orange, yellow and, light blue bravo appearing everywhere i go. And where ever i go now i always see at least 2-3 brava/o's no matter where i am. Even one of my friends with a ford focus i was in his car the other day and he noticed all the brava/o's too and even he said it was getting scary how they're suddenly everywhere.

Have they taken over your town yet?! :confused:
aawww thats ashame. Its horrible when you think your really unique and different then everyone copys lmao.

You know, thinking about it. I am the only person with a Fiat in my street. And this is a VERY big street. Its all nissans, peugeots and fords here:(
yuch fords nissans and peugeots

am fiat all the way

i have a cinq sx now and now i want a brava