Technical Brava, hot running issues

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Technical Brava, hot running issues


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Feb 4, 2006
Hi, i took a new-to-me Brava home from an auction house :)eek:) last night. It's a 1.4 sx manual, 98 S with 70k on the clock. It has a few issues which i've found on here and now know more about. But as yet i haven't seen my problem. It starts from cold ok, but when it's hot it cuts out, especially when you stop after a run, ie at a junction. It takes a bit of cranking too when it's stopped and sounds like a duff battery so i charged it this morning, got it warm and took it for a drive, it still cuts out though, and needs a good long crank to get it going again!
I've got a good local mechanic but before i take it to him i'd like a few ideas please. I'm thinking, alternator? blocked air filter? (car shudders) poor injector pattern?
Over to you...
just cleaned the throttle out with spray on carb + choke cleaner, was very gummed up. Seemed a bit smoother, air filter will be replaced, plugs will be checked tomorrow, Crank sensor? is this sometimes referred to as a cooolant temp. sensor? and where is it please?
im having exactly same issues.. car stalls when warm, usually at junctions and behaves like a flat battery when u try and restart.. then next morning it starts first swizz of key.. its driving me mad and wats worse ive only had it aweek.. has anyone got any news on this problem? ive not a clue when it comes to mechanics, so anything is a help.

many thanks.

1.6 brava sx R reg
i agree with T14086, crankshaft position sensor is most likely. fiat call it the "rpm and tdc sensor". see attached sheet from fiat manual.


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