General Brake Service, Rear Hubs and Importing to UK

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General Brake Service, Rear Hubs and Importing to UK

Oct 29, 2013
Marbella, southern Spain
Fiat Fans,

Just a quick update on 'Noddy' here in sunny Marbella.

Have just serviced the brakes, concentrating on the rear drums as I haven't touched them since ownership and neither did my mate or his mechanic beforehand. 'Noddy' is a 2007 'Van' so has no rear seats etc. Front pads were changed out, no problems with them, just a quick clean of everything(unlike the rest of Europe that doesn't involve too much work)...everything is rust free and easy to work with!! Set of Brembo pads on the front(thats what the motor factors provided) then it was onto the rears. Drums came off without too much trouble and after looking at youtube for some tips I removed the R/H hub as well to remove and replace the shoes, cylinders and all the 'gubbins'(springs and clips) that would normally disintegrate in the UK. Noticed a slight amount of corrosion on the stub axle and on the inside race of the bearing but cleaned that off (mostly) before reassembly. As with most brake springs it was a bit of a struggle but everything went back as it should. Onto the other side, a similar result but I couldn't remove the hub, even with a hub fact I shagged the hub puller trying to. It's well stuck on there....saving that for another day. Neither of the bearings are noisey or have any play but I would like to replace them some time in the future. Brakes were bled, twice and I will do them again in a couple of days after the pads have bedded in a bit more. Noddy stops but could be a bit better. Brake pedal is a little spongy. More bleeding necessary!!

The rear shoes were 'shot' to say the least and the handbrake cable adjusted so much that when I released the locking nut and undid the adjuster under the car the cable 'let go' with a bit of a bang. Surprisingly though, on re assembly etc the the handbrake adjusted up nicely and now works as any hand brake should. I am quite pleased about that! :slayer:

My little car is basically mint, in body and mechanicals, despite my mate(the previous and original owner) doing 'eff' all in maintanance and his mechanic doing the bare minimum(but charging my mate a few Euros no doubt) The rear 'load carrying' area has had a tough life but again is not too bad. There is NO rust on the car.

Now, to that end, it would make a very good basis for a 'sleeper' project. I would need to 'import' Noddy in the UK to do that as Spain has some ridiculous laws and rules regarding customisation.(As in basically you can't/mostly)

What do I need to drive Noddy to the UK to register him and MOT him etc so I can then 'do what I want' regards any upgrades etc???

Any advice most welcome....



PS Has anyone fitted the 4X4 running gear from a late Panda in a 'Sei'??;)